April 25, 2009


Mama Jonas revealed to J-14 what type of girl each Jo Bro would need.

On Nick: A girl whos Drama-Free.

On Joe: A girl who needs to appreciate his silly-side

On Kevin: A girl whos is able to keep up with Kevin’s convos because he talks non-stop.

The magazine scan above shows a quick poll asking J-14 readers on who should Nick date next. 42% says Demi.

Thx Jemistry!


More Nemi Pictures

April 8, 2009

smilingnemi.jpg NEMI image by Just-ny

nemmis.jpg NEMI image by Just-ny

nemiis.jpg NEMI image by Just-ny

hughnemi.jpg HUGH NEMI image by Just-ny


Nemi Hug At Inaugrul Party!

April 8, 2009

Nick Checking Demi Out

April 8, 2009


April 8, 2009

1-7.jpg NEMI image by Just-ny

nemi-4.jpg Nemi image by RockStarMagazine797

2608059310_92fd26e2c3.jpg Nemi image by RaqelGaspar

Cute Nemi Pictures 😀 All of them are real.